We Made It

Journey and I are two days post graduation which means we’re trying to get into a regular routine together. We still get up at 8 AM for the first park time, and we still come back in for food and water time. BUT… if it’s not a morning I go to the gym or it’s not a Saturday that I’m going to synagogue, I can go back to bed and catch a few more zzzzz’s. Unless my four-legged Ducky grabs ahold of a squeaky squirrel and wants to serenade me! Sometimes she will acquiesce and lay down on the floor. Mostly the squeaks start slow and gain speed and volume until I acquiesce and get up to play.

Journey and I are still “negotiating” about grooming. I want brushing her to be a calm, bonding time. She thinks it’s an opportunity to lick my face. I want to brush her teeth daily for good dental hygiene. She just wants to lick the toothpaste off the finger brush, and then lick my face. I’m not giving up the negotiations yet.

We have our first vet appointment Monday morning. I hope the vet likes getting her face and hands washed in dog spit!

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