Dog Shenanigans

Every dog has a unique personality. Some are shy but love playing with toys. Some want to chew on everything, including shoes. Journey is high energy, wants to be in your face licking, I mean kissing all the time. She also likes shenanigans.

Earlier this week, she met my housekeeper who was willing to throw toys for catch-and-return and play tug-a-rope. I left Journey hanging out with Linda while I took a shower. Back in the living room, clean and dressed, I noticed a squeaky toy on the floor that still had the cardboard tags attached. That was odd because I had given Journey all her toys and the first thing I do is cut off tags, especially the thick plastic like zip ties that bind the toy to the cardboard. I cut off the tags then noticed two of the “zip ties” on the floor. Puzzled, I looked around and asked her to bring me the toy being chewed. More tags attached by the thin plastic used to put price tags on clothing. Then I saw the PetSmart bag by the guest room door and understood.

Journey had followed Linda to the closet when she grabbed the vacuum. And Journey nosed around and found the toys I’d put aside for another time when the current ones were chewed up. My little monkey figured the toys were for her and she pulled all four out of the bag, chewed off one tag and two “zip toes” and began to play with them. She proudly brought the others to me to show how clever see is. Lesson learned: never leave dog stuff on the floor, put it on a shelf Dog sniffers will find them!

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