Our Meet and Greet

Monday at about 12 noon, the trainer and my Guide Girl (that’s her alias until Friday when I can officially say her name on social media), came strolling down the hall to my apartment. That’s not exactly true; Guide Girl was attempting a slow run. I squatted down to her level and she proceeded to lick my entire face…a couple times. You’d think I was covered in food. I began giving her treats–which has to be spelled if she is present since the word elicits a face lick and a nibbling of the chin. So we had face-washing then hand-washing, followed by chin nibbling and wrist nibbling. Pippi was not a nibbler so this is new territory. With each nibble I responded NO biting. She doesn’t take no for an answer if it’s something she really likes. I guess that means I made a good impression.

Inside the apartment, Guide Girl sniffed every room and quickly found the bin with dog toys in the hallway to the bedroom. Yahoo! She grabbed each one and nibbled and squeaked it, then putit down on the floor and did the same with the next one. Next she turned around and pooped on the living room rug! Oh well. At least it was solid (I know, TMI). The day was spent playing, chasing squeaky toys (both of us) and several park times outside. In guide dog vernacular, park is the term for going out to the bathroom. So if she and I go someplace with you and I say I need to “park my dog,” I’m not looking for a parking lot, I need to find a patch of grass or pine straw. So far, Guide Girl doesn’t waste time sniffing, she comes out of the harness and pees. Done. Pooping takes more time to sniff– unless it’s the living room rug.

Guide Girl had no trouble falling asleep that night after working through two airports, a 2 1/2 hour flight, meeting two new people-one who will become known as “mom,” and a new home. Me? I had trouble falling asleep despite my mental exhaustion. Didn’t doze off until 1 AM and then was awake at 7:30 to take Guide Girl out to park. A three-year-old dog who is on a mission to get outside moves at a fast pace. Almost too fast for a sleepy 70ish woman!

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