My Ducky

I’ve decided that my nickcame for Journey is Ducky. I know it sounds like an odd name for a dog, especially a large dog, but it suits her. She is behaving like a duckling that has imprinted on its mother. I know dogs will follow their person around the house but if you just move six or eight feet away, still in your dog’s line of sight, does he/she get up and come sit next to you? Journey does. When I take my food to the table, I hook Journey’s collar to a tie-down anchored around a leg of the couch. Just telling her to lie down and stay isn’t working. Does your dog figure out how to wiggle around the end table so at least one eye can see you sitting at the table? Journey does There’s a command where you say “close” and double tap your right inside thigh to bring your dog closer and sit in the space between your knees. I don’t have to do that because Journey is jammed up next to me. If I sit on the floor with her, she becomes my conjoined twin–joined at the hip. I think part of the reason she does that is so she’s close enough to kiss my face. Apparently I am tastier than kibble and t-r-e-a-t-s! If you give her the choice between eating a treat or licking mom, it’s always lick mom. (And then grab the treat.)

We’ve practiced grooming–brushing fur then brushing teeth. Every morning. My first guide, Pippi was very mellow and sat still through both and the once-a-week ear clearing. She only wanted a treat when we were done. Journey is different. As soon as I sit down and lean toward her, I get a big slurpy lick. Even while I’m brushing her rump, she’s trying to back up and kiss me. Teeth brushing? Well it’s a race to se if I can brush one side before Journey licks off the toothpaste. And when I reapply the paste on the finger toothbrush for the other side, guess what Journey is doing? Yep, licking my face. I’ve decided that my morning shower needs to wait until after feed, park, and brush Journey. That way I’m able to remove the first layer of dog-shit glaze.

Today we practiced putting on booties. The top of them is mesh and the bottom is a rubber sole. Those things are harder to put on than a pair of socks on a wiggly toddler. Then comes the fun part– walking up and down the hall. She sounds like a horse clip-clopping cobblestones and her steps remind me of a Clydesdale flopping down each hoof. Journey is not overly fond of wearing them, but she is accommodating, especially since she can kiss me while I put them on her.

You’ve seen a roomba, right? Well the apartment maintenance team uses a super-sized one that has lights the flash and beeping noises and it almost comes up to my knees. It reminds me of R2D2 in the original Star Wars. Today Journey and I were walkingdown the hall and I heard R2Dr humming around the corner we were able to turn. He was in front of us so Journey tried to get around him on both sides. R2 slowly took his lane out of the middle. When Journey tried to pass him, he lit up and syarted beeping. I would have loved to watch her face watching him! I decided if we can’t beat him to the corner, we’ll wait until he passes the elevator corner .

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